Baer and Associates works hard to build strong customer and manufacturer relationships. Sometimes knowing who has a need – and who can fill that need – can make all the difference.

An international specialty packaging company was near closing shop in the U.S. because they could not find interest in a revolutionary 3-gallon metal-free ice cream drum. A previous sales organization tried using data-filled binders to attempt to convince the industry to make a shift – but to no avail.

The new ice cream packaging was innovative, addressing a fundamental problem facing ice cream producers and dip cabinet operators – safety. Previous 3-gallon containers featured a metal rim, which could lead to cuts and expensive workman’s comp – and the metal rim was not a champion when it came to recycling and sustainability. The 3-gallon container sizing was important too, for compatibility with freezers at most ice cream shops nationwide.

Although the existing drums were archaic and dangerous, the competition’s 90-year old metal-rimmed 3-gallon ice cream drum was volume-bundled with other packaging products to allow attractive price points. The sales challenge was in finding a way to convince ice cream companies to make a switch – from an entrenched competitor that had been around for decades.

Baer & Associates brought years of experience, deep industry expertise and a host of close relationships in the dairy industry to the package manufacturer’s challenge. Baer’s close relationships within the dairy industry secured audiences with key buyers. The team’s knowledge and expertise in the category paved the way for a successful introduction of the new 3-gallon product into the ice cream industry. And, their expertise with production equipment aided in integrating the new package with existing filling machinery – a combination that led to the new 3-gallon metal-free ice cream drum becoming the market leader in that industry and also saved the manufacturer’s packaging business in North America.

Baer’s winning approach to the sales challenge was pioneering a solution to a significant workman’s comp issue in that industry. According to Baer & Associates’ Bruce Wagner, “It’s a better solution and the product brings tremendous value because buyers now understand the benefits. It’s about education, it’s about relationships, and it’s about addressing needs.”

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