“Pet parents” are more focused than ever on the nutritional needs of their pets and want to give them the healthiest food available at a reasonable price point. If there’s one thing pet owners can agree on, it’s that their dogs and cats are members of the family!

Recently Baer & Associates’ John Lawton began a pet food packaging recycling program in the upper Northwest – essentially a pilot program for recycling dog food bags into plastic pallets that may be reused in future package manufacturing. The “Flex Forward” program accepts any type of flexible plastic bags or pouches used in pet product packaging and encourages pet parents to work together with retailers, distributors, and recyclers to develop and execute sustainable solutions. The preliminary results show a marked reduction in the amount of plastic pet food packaging and pet treat packaging being shipped to landfills.

Another way Baer & Associates is providing an eco-friendly solution in the pet industry comes in the form of more effective shipping solutions with the introduction of nestable plastic shipping pallets. Using these compact, stackable pallets means fewer trucks on the road, which improves air quality for everyone. The plastic pallets are also reusable and cleanable – a major improvement over existing wooden pallets solutions.

Baer & Associates John Lawton knows people in the pet food industry have a genuine and passionate desire to provide sustainable solutions. “We can get you the solutions you need for the problems you’re looking to solve, whether they be sustainability, increased quality, or improved safety.”

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