Persistence in the Squeeze Up Tube Market

Baer & Associates’ Bob Butler was advised by many that pursuing improved packaging solutions in the Squeeze Up Tubes sector wasn’t worth the time or effort. Squeeze Up Tubes are a hand-held packaging and product delivery mechanism for frozen desserts – a business that Butler knew and understood. Butler believed that Baer & Associates could provide a better, higher-quality packaging solution while maintaining costs for the client, J&J Snack Foods Corp.

The Objective: A Better Squeeze Up Tube – Within Budget

Butler had existing business relationships with the client and a highly capable manufacturer, Chief packaging. Based on Baer’s previous performance with other packaging lines, J&J Snack offered Baer a small portion of the Squeeze Up Tube business for a trial. Butler and Chief believed if given the chance, they could deliver exceptional results and, although the initial opportunity was only for a small piece of the business, a goal was set to become the first-choice supplier for J&J for Squeeze Up Tubes.

The Strategy: Deliver Quality Packaging and Exceptional Service

When the project started, two other packaging suppliers were providing Squeeze Up Tubes to J&J Snack, but there was a history of packaging inconsistencies – significant enough that J&J was willing to take a chance with Baer. Butler believed that if they could develop an improved packaging solution and provide exceptional customer service every step of the way, they could distinguish themselves from the competition and, ultimately, win the entire business.

As a matter of course, Baer routinely dives deep to thoroughly understand supply chains and the specific equipment used in a packaging process and J&J Snack and Squeeze Up Tubes were no exception. Butler and the Baer team rolled up their collective sleeves getting to know and understand the process, the packaging machinery and forming relationships along the entire supply chain. Deep process and equipment knowledge along with trusted working relationships would be essential in bringing a better packaging solution to J&J Snack.

The Process: Innovation. Persistence. Own any Failure. Provide Solutions.

In the packaging industry, packaging equipment and raw packaging materials need to work with “hand in glove” efficiency with little room for failure. A change in just one substrate in a package specification may dramatically affect the operation of a piece of machinery. For example, a minor change in package thickness can dramatically affect the entire packaging process – and ultimately lead to product failure.

But change – and failure – can also lead to improvements. In fact, a one-time failure in the near term can lead to innovation and better package design in the long term. Package failure during testing; subsequent tracing to determine the source of the failure (and why), can lead to new solutions and preventative measures against future failure. By innovating and “failing fast” during testing, stress can be avoided during daily operations. It’s easy to take credit when all goes well. But change is difficult and not every supplier takes responsibility during the difficult times. Baer & Associates sees this as an opportunity to step up, own the problem, determine the source of the issue and provide workable solutions.

The Result: Earning the Business

Baer & Associates and Chief Packaging worked diligently with J&J Snack to perfect Squeeze Up Tubes. Bob Butler and the teams at Baer and Chief continued to earn more of the business over time. And, as one of the incumbent suppliers continued to have too many product failures, Baer and Chief earned the remaining Squeeze Up Tube business from J&J Snack.

It was a rewarding outcome that came as the result of nine years of building a trusted business relationship, fixing problems as they arose, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering customer solutions on-time and on-budget – a standard all members of Baer & Associates embrace.

If you’re interested in working with a packaging solutions company that puts the customer first and strives to find the very best solution, for the packaging challenge at hand, reach out to Baer & Associates today. We can’t wait to discuss packaging solutions to better your business.

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