Skip the spoon with our squeeze up tubes. Available in 3- and 4-ounce sizes, these containers are perfect for frozen slushies, flavored ices, and fruit pops. We also offer SkinnyCup, which is a unique paper container that is moisture-proof and is perfect for on-the-go yogurt and alcoholic slush cocktails.

Be sure to explore our variety of packaging options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us! The team at Baer & Associates is accustomed to adapting their packaging and coming up with custom solutions to best suit your needs.

4 oz Squeeze Up Tubes

An easy and convenient option to store and serve flavored ice.

3 oz Squeeze Up Tubes

Storing fruit pops and flavored ice has never been easier. And nothing tastes better than properly stored frozen treats!

Squeeze Up Tubes

Not just for Italian Ice! These tubes are perfect for fruit pops and flavored ices.

2.5 oz Paper “Skinny” Cup

Introducing…the SkinnyCup! SkinnyCup is a revolutionary paper container that will hold wet, refrigerated foods indefinitely. Other paper cups and containers on the market do not have this capability. SkinnyCup will not wick moisture through the seams, nor will it break down through moisture absorption. On-The-Go Yogurt and Alcoholic Slush Cocktails are ideal applications for this product.

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