Nachos to Go is the ultimate virus and germ-safe “grab and go” snack option – a way to offer consumers one of their all-time favorite snacks safely packaged to fend off any risk of contamination from airborne and surface germs and viruses.

With self-serve cheese and chip food stations gone for the foreseeable future in C-stores, grocery stores, movie theaters and more, this sealed snack packaging solution from Baer & Associates offers consumers a safer product experience while still providing excellent product visibility at point of sale.

Quality Snack Food = Satisfied Customers!

Each Nachos to Go pack features premium White Corn Tortilla Chips made by Bickel’s, a division of Hanover Foods. No nacho experience would be complete without the delicious flavor of cheese – and Rico’s Cheese sauce fills the bill – a perfect complement to the crispy nacho chips. With Rico’s, consumers experience a deliciously smooth and creamy cheddar and jalapeno cheese sauce – made with real cheddar cheese.

No Self-Serve Cheese Dispensers Necessary

This terrific food-safe snack is a great grab and go option that avoids unnecessary food handling and the risk of germ or viral contamination. The days of consumers individually pumping cheese sauce and hovering over open-air self-serve chips (contaminating their surroundings in the process), are gone. The individual foil-sealed cups of Rico’s cheese sauce within each Nachos to Go package offer a safe and portion-controlled alternative.

The package eliminates drips and spills from cheese dispensers on floors and counters and eliminates the waste of used self-serve cheese bags. In addition to eliminating mess and waste, Ricos Sauce is aseptically processed and packaged in individual 3.5-ounce cups providing safety for consumers and portion control for businesses.

Easy to Store, Easy to Serve

Because of its unique all-in-one package design, Nachos to Go is also a space saver. The grab and go package design requires considerably less retail floor space than the bins of chips and cheese pump dispensers. Foodservice operators will appreciate the retail flexibility of Nachos to Go as the product can be displayed in a food warmer, or on shelves at ambient temperature. With either method the product is ready to eat. As for inventory storage, the individual Nachos to Go packs ship 38 to a box, nested neatly together to prevent unnecessary shifting and damage to the nacho chips. No product preparation is necessary for retail presentation – just open the shipping carton and place on a shelf or warmer.

Custom Options for Nachos to Go

The team at Baer & Associates are experts in custom packaging solutions – so adding custom branding to the Nachos to Go package via custom labels is a breeze. And if desired, they can add a little extra flavor to the package by adding a 2 oz pouch of Ricos Sliced Jalapeno Peppers.

To learn more about how Nachos to Go may fit into your company’s snack product mix, contact Bob Butler today or click here to learn more about the story behind Nachos to Go.

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