As more cities across the nation begin banning single-use plastics, such as drinking straws, more and more businesses are on the hunt to find a sustainable alternative that lives up to the standard quality of a regular plastic straw.

Baer & Associates is proud to offer a range of drinking straws from BIOLO that offer the useful durability of a plastic straw with the biodegradable qualities of paper straws. These paperless biodegradable straws are manufactured from an exciting new canola-oil substrate called PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates). This plastic alternative is an incredibly effective answer to the call for reducing the amount of environmental pollution that endangers sea life and, the planet as a whole.

The revolutionary biodegradability of PHA is unlike any other plastic alternative. While many claim to be compostable, in most cases this refers to being “industrially compostable” – meaning these alternative products must be returned to special facilities for decomposition. The BIOLO straw goes far beyond industrially compostability; it is also home-compostable, soil-biodegradable, freshwater, and marine biodegradable.

In fact, the eco-friendly BIOLO drinking straw can be tossed into a home compost bin where they will completely break down in 80-100 days. At the core of this compostability is a biopolymer within the straws that, over time, becomes a natural fuel source for bacteria, allowing BIOLO drinking straws to easily break down in bioactive environments.

The simple fact is most plastic straw alternatives provide a consumer experience that leaves much to be desired. So much so, in fact, that many consumers are less than enthusiastic to see a business they frequent switch to these alternatives. From the paper drinking straws (that often struggle to maintain the hollow shape necessary for the consumption of a single beverage) to the aforementioned industrially-compostable substrate drinking straws (that are often brittle, quite fragile, and, once moistened, crack into shards). Unfortunately, these early-market plastic-alternative drinking straw choices have soured many on possibilities in reducing single-use straw pollution.

Fortunately, BIOLO drinking straws provide a consumer experience essentially the same as plastic straws and, a drinking straw option that is also guilt-free – thanks to its biodegradable qualities. They’re nearly identical to a plastic straw, with a taste-free, smooth surface texture, along with durable construction that is UV, water, and heat resistant (which also allows maximum shelf life and broad storage condition requirements).

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