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Regardless of industry, an important trend for most businesses are sustainability initiatives that reduce negative impact on our shared environment. The effect of non-recyclable packaging materials – which often end up in landfills – can no longer be ignored. Baer & Associates is dedicated to resourcing, identifying, and implementing sustainable packaging solutions that are best suited for the business challenge at hand.

Baer has deep relationships with a variety of manufacturers who are on the cusp of a sea change of sustainability options in the shipping and packaging industries. Although change is rarely easy, in the next three to five years, Baer believes demand for sustainable packaging solutions – influenced by consumer demand, adverse environmental impact and, in many states, legislation – will increase exponentially.

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Here are a just a few of the ways Baer has helped companies make the shift to more sustainable packaging:

Preventing Disease with Safer Food Packaging

For businesses in and around the consumer food supply chain, reducing consumer health risks associated with food contamination, is of paramount concern. In today’s pandemic-influenced world, keeping end-users safe from harmful germs and viruses is often the most important consideration for companies in search of new food packaging solutions.

The base materials used in the manufacturing of food packaging – as well as other supply chain components utilized in food packing, food shipping and food storage – obviously play a critical role in ensuring food safety. Baer & Associates understands this and has worked tirelessly to build close relationships with substrate suppliers and manufacturers to monitor and understand food safety innovations that may have a positive effect on future packaging solutions.

These key relationships have led to innovative new packaging solutions  – from antimicrobial bags that prevent bacterial growth on meats and cheeses, to durable plastic shipping pallet solutions that are less porous (harboring fewer germs), sterilize easier, are reusable and even recyclable.  With recent concerns about health and food safety during the pandemic, Baer has become increasingly focused on finding solutions for clients concerned with food safely in their packaging.

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Here are just a few of Baer & Associates food safety success stories:

If a Solution Doesn’t Exist, Baer Creates It

Although Baer & Associates has a wide array of ready-made packaging solutions available to clients, sometimes a client’s packaging need is so unique that Baer works suppliers to create a totally new solution to meet the client’s challenge.

The key to innovation in packaging is often supplier relationships. Longstanding deep and trusted relationships with manufacturers within packaging supply chains makes innovation possible.

Decades of experience with existing suppliers as well as keeping a hand on the pulse of new packaging resources has made the team at Baer ready and able to innovate and solve some of clients’ most complex packaging challenges.

Baer earns clients’ trust through a commitment finding the best solution to the packaging need at hand. And if a solution to the packaging need doesn’t currently exist, Baer works to create it. As Baer’s Bob Butler puts it, “50% of the packaging solutions we provide didn’t exist with the packaging manufacturers we work with when we started those engagements.”

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Following are a few custom packaging solutions Baer has created for clients:

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