Aside from growing one’s core business, Food Safety is likely the greatest concern in the food processing and foodservice industries.

In any given month, the FDA lists dozens of recalls, some of which make the news, while others are less prominent. In any case, food safety issues do occur, and they can happen at good, reputable companies. That’s why Baer & Associates has made a commitment to enhanced food safety in all packaging solutions for our food industry clientele.

One packaging solution developed for deli counters at grocery stores is flexible and transparent meat chub packaging that protects deli meat from bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. These anti-microbial bags are available in a variety of sizes and are not only a popular protective solution while in the midst of a global pandemic but are also well-suited to the prevention of disease in a post-Coronavirus world. Antimicrobial bags not only contribute to increased food safety, they’re also more sustainable with less waste in comparison to cling film.

Baer worked with the ice cream manufacturing industry to create safer bulk ice cream drums by replacing 90-year old metal-rimmed drum packaging with a plastic-rimmed alternative. This ensured the safety of ice cream manufacturer fill machine operators reducing workman’s comp. The innovation also increased food safety for consumers.

By eliminating metal from the packaging, the filled ice cream containers could be easily scanned for any errant metallic shards from broken equipment in the ice cream fill process. And, at retail, the product gave scoop-shop operators the peace of mind that ice cream servers wouldn’t sustain cuts and contaminate product while dipping scoops for customers.

Baer also offers Nachos to Go – a “ready for retail” packaged food solution. Originally developed for movie theaters, the product’s ability to eliminate the risk of viral contamination from self-serve cheese and chip food stations has made it a natural for C-Stores. By prepackaging tortilla chips and foil-sealed cheese sauce in sealed clear-top clamshell package, the result is a tasty, pre-packaged snack that is a Covid-safe alternative for everyday grab and go snacking.

For client peace-of-mind, all of Baer & Associates packaging solutions have accompanying FDA Letters of Certification – and all of our vendor-partners have embraced the GMP Certification processes.

If you’re ready to explore new solutions for your greatest packaging challenges, Baer is ready is to help. With decades of experience in a variety of specialized industries and distribution channels from – from dairy, to CPGs, to big box retail, to pet products, to movie theaters and C-stores – chances are, Baer has the expertise needed to quickly engage and develop alternatives to your most pressing packaging needs.

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