Woman in a mask holding a pet food bag recycling sign


Did you know that an estimated 99% of used pet food packaging ends up in landfills?

It’s true. An estimated 300 million pounds of flexible plastic pet food and pet treat bags are generated by the pet industry in the United States each year – the majority of which are made of multi-laminate flexible packaging.

That’s why Baer & Associates is proud to partner with CABKA, a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, to be a part of their latest endeavor, the Flex Forward pilot program: a revolutionary “return to retail” program that allows customers to return their pet packaging (no matter the brand) to the retail store from which they were purchased.


Baer & Associates’ Michael Loftus knew he’d found a winner in a new Anti-Microbial Bag.

The bag could kill bacteria, fungi, and pathogens. It also eliminated waste. Here was a product that increased food safety, was more sustainable for the planet, and had the potential to save grocery stores money.

But first, Loftus had to convince stores to make the change from clingfilm to Anti-Microbial bags.


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