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Baer's Featured Innovative Solutions

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Collaboration through WhiteHall Products

Nachos to Go – Bob Butler

Innovation: Nachos to Go Keeps on Going

Squeeze Up Tubes – Bob Butler

Persistence in the squeeze up tube market.

Recyclable Pallets – Bruce Wagner

CABKA. Story of perseverance and strength of relationship.

Agile, aggressive, forward-thinking packaging solutions outmaneuvering larger legacy companies.

Baer & Associates is a solutions-based packaging company dedicated to providing the best packaging solutions at the best possible price. Baer works with nimble, forward thinking manufacturers who have the ability to outmaneuver larger legacy purveyors with innovative, sustainable packaging solutions – all in a timely fashion.

Relationships come first.

In a world of volume-based suppliers, Baer believes relationships come first. And relationships that stand the test of time start with trust – trust built on a thorough understanding of client needs and the nuances of their specific operations. From raw materials and manufacturing to processing and purchasing, at Baer we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and understand all aspects of the process and the supply chain.

The team at Baer & Associates is creative and persistent – with deep industry knowledge and expertise acquired through decades of experience in providing unique – often custom – packaging solutions. If your business has a packaging challenge in need of a fresh perspective, Baer & Associates might be your best next call. It’s not just packaging, it’s your business.

Our Core Pillars


The future of packaging revolves around better, more sustainable packaging.

Food Safety

There’s never been a more important packaging issue for many companies than food safety.


If Baer doesn’t have an existing solution to a client’s packaging need, we create it.

Building relationships is our secret.

“Baer Associates has been a valued supplier to our company for over twelve years. I believe that their people are their most valuable asset. All of the Associates that I have met had a strong background in packaging prior to working at Baer.”

Tom R.Supply Chain Executive

“When a new application for packaging or packaging equipment arises I feel confident in calling on them for recommendations. Because of the wide scope of principals they represent, a response usually comes quickly.”

Marlene S.